Get the fastest broadband connection for your home and connect to the world with BlueSky’s Smart Home Broadband Plans.  We have several plans to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Our plans are usage based, so for a monthly fee, you receive a bundle of data for the month. If your bundle runs out before the start of the next month, you have the option to purchase extra data top ups to use until your next data bundle becomes available.

Prepaid Plans-Falenet

What is Falenet?

Prepaid internet services for your home, Falenet gives you the flexibility to echarge and use your home connection when you want. It gives our customers the benefit of paying for what they want to use without a monthly bill.

How much is Falenet?

Echarge MB’s Expiry
 5.00  200 3 days
 10.00  420 7 days
 20.00  870 7 days
 50.00 2,200 14 days
 90.00 4,000 14 days

Installation and equipment cost $99. Equipment is covered under our 30 days products warranty. Customer must echarge by purchasing a Falenet card at face value.

What is a Falenet Card?

Falenet cards are what you use to echarge your Falenet connection. Just as you echarge your mobile phone, Falenet cards are use to add data to your Falenet connection. The more you add, the more MBs you get.

Where can I buy these Falenet cards?

You can buy Falenet cards across the island from any retail shop or simply visit your nearest Bluesky store and ask for a Falenet Card.

What do I need to get Falenet to my home?

Call our Residential Sales Team Fuatino (7500723) or Tualima (7500816) or you can simply visit a nearby Bluesky store.

How do I use Falenet?

After your internet connection has been installed in your home, an ADSL modem is set up with your connection. If connecting by wifi, a wifi name and password is printed under the modem or it will be provided by our technicians.

Once connected, follow these steps:

Open your internet browser and enter website:

Enter your username & password (provided in your signup form)

Click on activate prepaid card

Enter Sequence and Pin code from the Falenet card

Click Activate and now your falenet is ready for use

Once you are done, click Logout to close.

How to check your balance:

Click on “View internet usage” & “all time blocks”

A record of all activated cards and usage

Terms & Conditions

Falenet customers must echarge their connection within 60 days to remain active. If customer does not echarge within 60 days, the Falenet connection will be on idle mode and a customer will need to notify Bluesky to reactivate account.

Offer applies to new or existing Falenet customers only. Validity period of new plan is the same as the normal data bundles. Falenet echarge available at all retail outlets and Bluesky re-sellers. Promotion valid until 31 Jan. Call 121 or visit us at retail to sign up.

Postpaid Plans-New Big Plans

BIG Start $49.0 3,200
BIG Bronze $99.0 6,000
BIG Silver $139.0 10,200
BIG Gold $189.00 14,200
BIG Advanced $239.0 18,000
BIG Mega  $489.0 38,000

*All rates are VAGST inclusive and in Samoan Tala (SAT).

**Data allocation of 50% for Off Peak Use (7pm to 7am)

Email Service

When you sign up for Smart Home Broadband, you are entitled to receive one (1) free email account, hosted by  Your email address will be

If you wish to create a new email account, send an email with your request to

To check your email, go to