Position Title: Senior System Administrator
Role Status: Full
Time Location: Maluafou,
Samoa Reports to: ISS Manager
Business Unit: Technical Operations


Position Summary:
Reporting to the ISS Manager, the System Administrator will ensure the proper development, implementation and support for Billing System Services. Responsible for coordinating billing activities and assist with various billing cycle functions.


Key Accountabilities and Results Areas
 Enhance and develop new and existing billing impementation plans, custom scripts and testing procedures to ensure operational reliability.

 Performs troubleshooting as required, leads problem solving efforts often involving outside vendors and other support staff

 Develops procedures, programs and documentation for backup and restoration of billing systems and operations

 Coordinate activities between Billing Team, ISS Manager and other departments to drive Billing Systems development and streamline processes.

 Drive the reduction on reliance for internal risks/issues requiring external support to resolve. Move solutions and support interaction in-house. Establish direct contacts with key support personnel.

 Ensure all billing deliverables – including bill run and reporting – are provided on time and identify any risks to ISS manager of any risks to these deliverables and timeframes.


Major Responsibilities
 Assist in the managing of billing software, accurate billing of specified charges, end to end production of all billing cycles, bill design and layout, implantation of billing strategies, production of reports from the billing system(s) and related databases, required changes for the billing system(s)

 Any other issues related to the billing system shall also be a responsibility for regular monitoring to make sure backend operations relevant to Billing such as CDR rating, TAP file generation, TAP file transfer are all working as required.

 System Administrator(s) may require to report to ISS Manager at local office if directed by ISS manager or in the absence of the MIS/IT Manager.

 Revenue assurance activities include daily checks and reconciliations of the billing system and CDR from the switch and all other revenue sources

 Develop, extract, produce and maintain reports under the direction of the MIS/IT Manager

 Assist to develop and maintain manuals, policies and procedures for the billing process

 Provide training as required

 Be responsible to escalate failures to ISS Manager

 Execute operations as requested by ISS Manager relating to companion application products that may be correlated to the mail Billing System

 Perform any other duties required from time to time


Key Stakeholder Relationships
Internal Stakeholders:
 ISS Manager
 Managers & Stakeholders
 Staff

External Stakeholders:
 Customers
 Vendors
 Business Partners

Key Requirements and Competencies

Qualifications/ Experience:

• A minimum of 3 -5 years of billing and reporting experience in the telecommunication industry.

• Tertiary qualification in business, IT (Accounting qualification will be an advantage)

• Service implementation experience on Billing Systems

Knowledge/ Skills /Ability:
• Excellent analytical skills

• Have strong leadership and organizational alignment skills to develop and deliver against key strategies

• Have strong leadership and organizational alignment skills to develop and deliver against key strategies

• Have strong interpersonal and communication skills to motivate and work closely with a diverse, cross functional team of professionals including Finance, Marketing, Technical and other internal teams.

• Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a fast paced and dynamic environment and easily adaptable to change.

• Ability to work under tight deadlines

• Have 2-3 years of practical experience with designing queries – preferably for billing systems

• Practical experience with Billing systems, databases and BI solutions preferred.

Organisational Competencies:
Customer Service –Treats all customers courteously; is responsive to customer requests and elicits feedback from them to monitor their satisfaction; considers both the short and long- term interests of the customer in making service decisions; proactively identifies customer needs and takes responsibility for resolving customer complaints in a timely manner.

Learning Agility -Demonstrates a personal learning orientation; seeks and constructively uses feedback to build on strengths and manage weaknesses; is curious and shares learning, and in doing so creates an expectation in others to seek and learn from experiences.

Building Collaborative Relationships – Exhibits an ability to cooperate and collaborate with colleagues across Bluesky, American Samoa to achieve shared goals; develops and maintains a range of internal and external networks to meet organisational objectives; looks for opportunities to support colleagues.

Self Management – Sets personal goals in line with business unit plans; takes responsibility for prioritising own work; looks for opportunities to improve performance; is passionate about achieving results.

Continuous Improvement – Looks for opportunities to apply continuous improvement practices / principles in their work area; responds to suggestions from others; applies new learning so as to improve individual and team performance.



Business Compliance:
Ensure a sound understanding and:
• demonstrate commitment to and comply with all legislation and Bluesky policy relevant to the role and all activities undertaken in the role
• ethical performance in an effort to maintain a high standard of conduct expected and deserved by our customers and to enable the Company to continue to offer its services and comply with our Bluesky Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Health and Safety:
• Undertake all work in a safe manner and follow all company and workplace health and safety procedures
• Identify new hazards and advise manager or workplace Health and Safety representative/coordinator within 24 hours of identification
• Accurately report incidents and accidents to manager or workplace Health and Safety representative/coordinator as soon as possible.