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For a limited time only we are offering 2 promotional bundles

1. 3200MB for $45 – valid for 14 days

2. 6000MB for $90 – valid for 14 days

Both of these bundles can be purchased through the USSD menu (*888#)

Terms and Conditions

1. Offer is available to all prepaid mobile & speednet customers
2. Bundles will expire and do not roll over.
3. $45 Plan is a promotional plan and valid until 31 Oct
4. $90 Plan revision applies to all bundles purchased from 26 Sept – 31 Oct
5. All standard bundles will still remain with exception to the $90 Plan MB revision
6. Offer valid until 30 Oct
Advertising Media
1. SMS Broadcast – will be sent out to all mobile customers throughout the duration of the promotion.
2. Facebook page –
3. Twitter Page –
4. Breakfast radio show
5. Press advertisement – twice a week



Call Me Back feature is a product on Bluesky SMS platform and made available to all mobile customers. The feature allows a Bluesky Mobile customer to send a SMS notification to another Bluesky mobile customer asking them to Call Me Back.

This product is available to all Bluesky mobile customers at a nominal fee of $0.05. It is made available only to Prepaid customers.

To use Call Me Back customer dials *888#. On the USSD menu Call me is shown as option 9. Customer selects Call Me Back and menu will respond with 2 steps customer needs to complete.

Upon completion, a SMS message will be sent to a B person asking them to call A person back. (screen shots shown further in PDD)

Customer must have a minimum balance of $0.05 to use this feature.
When a customer selects Call Me Back and completes the steps this will trigger a SMS notification.
1. Customer A: Dials *888#, responds with ‘9’ and enters 7600000.
2. Customer B will receive a notification from Customer A phone number with the message
“Can you please call me back.”
Customer B if they have sufficient balance can call customer A back. Standard rates apply for the call.
For every Call Me Back request sent customer A will be charged $0.05.

Terms and Conditions

1. This feature is available only to prepaid customers
2. Minimum threshold to be able to use this feature is $0.05
3. Call Me Back Requests can be sent to both Digicel & Bluesky numbers

Business Sales Executive

Job Title: Business Sales Executive
Location: Nuuuli, American Samoa
Report to: Sales Manager
Position Type: Full time

Job Summary

Reporting to Sales Manager, identify sales opportunities and develop new business accounts; achieve sales targets for a wide range of Bluesky services and products.

Qualifications/Work Experience Requirements

At least 2 to 5 years sales experience; preferably business to business sales in telecommunications field; may have tertiary qualifications
Effective time management and organizational skills as well as sound product knowledge and industry perspective
Strong communication skills and ability to build solid working relationships with a variety of businesses
Possess a demonstrated thorough understanding and knowledge of relevant sales concepts, processes and activities
Fundamental problem solving abilities
Valid driver’s license with clean driving record


Identify business sales prospects through face to face solicitation of targeted prospects within an assigned territory or following leads from internal and/or external sources
Achieve new sales quotas and maintain established business customers in an assigned territory
Arrange and conduct product demonstrations and presentations
Monitor industry and competitor sales and product strategies, and promotional campaigns
Negotiate price and volume discounts within well defined schedules and guidelines
Complete small, short-term projects with weekly to quarterly timeframes; perform ongoing, regular assigned tasks on a weekly/monthly basis
Provide Residential Sales leads to appropriate representative
Complete small, short-term projects with weekly to quarterly timeframes
Perform ongoing, regular tasks on a weekly/monthly basis
Perform other duties as assigned
Work independently with minimal supervision

Legal Counsel

Job Title: Legal Counsel
Reports to: Country Manager and General Corporate Counsel
Position Type: Full Time / Exempt
Location: Nuuuli, Am. Samoa

Job Summary:

To assist in providing legal advice to management and the Board and preparing legal documents as required, manage company leases and all land law issues facing the company, and assist with company contracts and regulatory approvals.

Primary Responsibilities

 Provide legal advice and research as required by Management and Corporate General Counsel from time to time.

 Manage company land issues inclusive of special project to review and update all current land leases, address issues about lack of adequate documentation, sub-lease arrangement, leases in other parties’ names, payment of turnover based rent, renewal of leases coming up for expiry.

 Create and maintain company Lease Database, in association with regional legal team.

 Provide the appropriate legal and regulatory advice on the business activities of the company including FCC compliance, distribution and marketing of its products and services, and HR matters.

 Draft agreements inclusive of special project to review all company contractual processes, database of contracts, alignment of contracts with Bluesky Group standard documents.  Provide legal assistance with debt recovery and other litigation inclusive of resolving litigation over company property.

 Create and maintain company Contract Database, in association with regional legal team.

 Anticipate and identify issues and risks, recommending potential solutions and identifying trends in the law relating to relevant business affairs.  Obtain regulatory approvals from the Attorney General’s office for applicable corporate and other legal matters and the Governor’s office for telecommunications regulatory matters.

 Conduct minor litigation on behalf of the company (including court appearances) and manage litigation briefed to external legal counsel.  Provide monthly reporting to Corporate General Counsel as required.

 Work with external legal […]

Bluesky Sponsors Samoa International Independence 7s.

Wednesday 27th May, Apia, Samoa – Bluesky Samoa and Independent Events today announced their second year of partnership to bring about the Samoa International Independence 7s 2015.  The announcement was made at Bluesky’s Matafele store this afternoon, in the presence of Bluesky customers and one very special guest, world renowned 7s Maestro, Waisale Serevi.

The Directors of the Samoa Independence International 7s invited Serevi to come to Samoa to conduct clinics for some of the schools and local rugby players, in the lead up to this weekend’s tournament.

Bluesky’s Country Manager, Alex Abraham, officially congratulated Chairman Su’a Steve Schuster and the Organizing Committee of the Samoa Independence International 7s for carrying the tournament through to its second year.

“Our support is not only to the event itself but also to the causes that it supports both in the development of youth in rugby and also to the charity that the SII 7s has nominated to offer its proceeds to – namely Faataua le Ola and the Samoa Victim Support Group.”

The tournament will host several local as well as overseas teams including Fiji Police, Global Tabadamu and Uluinakau from Fiji, and Talavalu and Leone Whites from American Samoa, as well as teams from Australia and New Zealand.

Serevi spoke that his desire to help developing rugby players stems from his humble beginnings.  He told of how he once was a young, aspiring rugby player who learned from some of the greats in rugby and it helped him get to where he is today, and he hopes that by holding clinics of his own, it will help one one or a few Samoan players to rise up in the international 7s ranks.

Bluesky customers and staff got the opportunity to take […]

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    Bluesky Samoa Powers Tolotolo a Tama Uli for 2015 Independence

Bluesky Samoa Powers Tolotolo a Tama Uli for 2015 Independence

Tuesday 26th May, Apia, Samoa – The Tolotolo a Tama Uli from Salelologa will be heading into this year’s Independence Fautasi Race with the backing of BlueSky Samoa, after the company presented a cheque of $5,000 to assist them with their preparations. An extra offer of $5,000 was also offered to Pauli Ivan Williams and his crew, as a bonus should they come out as the winners of the Independence race, which will take place this Saturday, May 30th.

This year marks the fourth year of the Bluesky-Tolotolo partnership, with Bluesky having supported the fautasi from Salelologa since 2011.

BlueSky’s Country Manager, Alex Abraham, presented BlueSky’s sponsorship offer to the crew of Tolotolo.   “It’s our pleasure to once again offer our full support to captain and crew of the Tolotolo a Tama Uli for this year’s fautasi race in celebration of our 53rd Independence. We at BlueSky believe that the Tolotolo already has what it needs to succeed, we just want to make the road to success a little easier.  In getting behind the Tolotolo, we aim to ensure the continued growth and development of the sport of fautasi racing in Samoa.”

Captain of the Tolotolo, Pauli Ivan Williams, expressed his sincere gratitude to BlueSky on behalf of his crew and their village and supporters for coming on board again to help them with their preparations.


Contact Bluesky Samoa                                                       

Verona Parker



This press release and other statements to be made by the Company contain certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, including but not limited to statements relating to projections and estimates of earnings, revenues, cost-savings, expenses, or other financial items; statements of management’s plans, strategies, and objectives for future operations, and […]

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Bluesky Game On winners ready to meet the All Blacks

Friday 22nd May, Apia, Samoa – The much sought after Ultimate Game Deal prize pack for Bluesky’s Game On promotion was picked up by one lucky winner this afternoon.  Brenda Zigler received a Double Pass Gold Stand tickets to the Manu Samoa vs All Blacks game on July 8th, food and drinks during the match, two Manu Samoa jerseys, two All Blacks supporter shirts, $500 cash and a Bluesky gift bag.  In addition, they will also get an official photo with the Manu Samoa and All Blacks players when they arrive in the country.

Brenda was amongst the 18 other lucky winners who came down to Bluesky’s Maluafou headquarters this afternoon for the first presentation of the company’s popular Game On rugby promotion. The 18 winners were given a chance to select one of 18 bags containing a mystery prize, with the hopes of winning the Ultimate Game Deal prize.

The other winners also received double pass tickets for the Blue stand, Green stand, Silver stand and General Admission, as well as a Manu Samoa supporter t-shirt and cash prizes up to $300.  The winners all left the Bluesky headquarters with grins on their faces and their prizes in their pockets.

If you are a Bluesky customer, there are four ways in which you can be in to win with the Game On promotion.  Simply text Manu Samoa or All Blacks to 4444, top up $10 or more or purchase any of Bluesky’s value bundles available for voice or data.

For more information please call 121.

Contact Bluesky Samoa                                                       

Verona Parker



This press release and other statements to be made by the Company contain certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, including but […]

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Magic Circus to Tour Samoa and American Samoa

Magic Circus to Tour Samoa and American Samoa
Monday, 30th March, Apia, Samoa – The popular Magic Circus of Samoa, directed by the famous Tupa’i Bruno Loyale, and Bluesky Samoa today announced the Samoa and American Samoa tour dates for the Magic Circus at a press conference held at Bluesky Headquarters, Maluafou.  Bluesky and the Magic Circus of Samoa have entered into a partnership to bring about the tour, which will see the circus travelling to villages around both Upolu and Savaii starting next month.

The tour kicks off on the 1st of April in Upolu, and will go around both islands, ending in Apia for Independence Day.  The team will then travel to American Samoa where they will have a show in June.

Bluesky, as major sponsors of the tour, today presented $15,000 to Tupa’i and the Magic Circus of Samoa.

Financial Controller, Sanitt Peter Singh, officially handed the cheque to Tupa’i this morning, saying that Bluesky was pleased to enter into the partnership with the Magic Circus to bring quality family entertainment to the people of Samoa.

“The Magic Circus has been around for quite a while now and we are excited to welcome them home again.”

This is not the first time Bluesky had entered into a partnership with the Magic Circus of Samoa.  Bluesky was also the major sponsor when the Circus was here last, in 2012.

Tupa’i Bruno thanked Bluesky’s management and staff for coming on board again and in believing in their cause to offer quality entertainment that is suitable for the entire family to the people of Samoa.

“Our show is made up of 75% Samoan cast.  We have Samoan acrobats, jugglers, magicians, all whom perform at a world class level.  We are excited to […]

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ISP Engineer Core Servers

Title: ISP Engineer Core Servers
Position Type: Full Time
Location: Maluafou, Samoa
Department: Information Systems and Services (ISS)
Reports to: Manager of ISS

Position Overview

The role is responsible for broadband and bit stream servers, all ISP core services, email servers, virtualization technology configurations.


Primary Responsibilities

Management of the Domain Name Server (DNS) hosting.
Configuring of email services and web hosting on server as follows:
VQadmin, Quail Postmaster, Apache, MySQL, Virtual servers.
Configuration and management of VPN links.
Configuration and management of Firewall interfaces-Fortinet M/Fougate
Establish, set up and commissioning of monitoring platform servers -Nagios, cacti and Smokeping.
WISP and Bit stream account management.
Maintenance of Email server, Radius Server, and Database Servers
Configuration and maintenance of all Cisco Routers.
Broadband Faults Calls assists customers enquiries in collaboration with The Data Networks Team
Coordinate broadband and bit stream related activities with other Departments including Sales and Marketing, Customer Services, Data Team.
Responsible for the operations and maintenance of the Tarka Systems.
Handle LAN, WAN, MSTN and MSC LAN and all other LAN connectivity.
Assist in the operation and maintenance of the core backbone LAN.
Assist in handling of ISP connectivity.
Handle DSLAM virtual interconnections.

Preferred Technical Skills

Cisco, Linux or other *NIX OS, Windows Server OSs; Wireless technologies including and not limited to 802.a/b/g/n, Web & Net security, BGP/OSPF routing; L2 switching; Java; Perl; SQL; SOAP and HTML APIs; DOCSIS2.0/3.0; CMTS; TDM/IP Transmission/Transport Systems; PtP/PtMP Wireless solutions.

Qualifications/Work Experience Requirements:

University degree in Computer Science, Telecommunications or other related fields or at least 4+ years of practical work experience in TCP/IP, IP Addressing, Routing Protocols, […]

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Senior Accountant

Job Title: Senior Accountant

Position Type: Full Time

Reports to: Controller

Location: Nuuuli, Am. Samoa


Position Summary

Report directly to the Controller; assist in accurate and timely closing activities including preparation of journal entries and analysis of financial reports. Prepare balance sheet reconciliations and analyze fluctuations from prior periods. Interpret and communicate policies and procedures to employees within the operation. Ensure that all accounting procedures are in compliance with company policy and SOX business processes.

Primary Responsibilities

Primary responsibility is to prepare financial statements and supporting schedules according to monthly close schedule
Facilitate and complete monthly close procedures
Analyze revenues, commissions and expenses to ensure they are recorded appropriately on a monthly basis
Assist with analyzing financial statements on a monthly basis and report on variances
Prepare monthly account reconciliations
Assist in documentation and monitoring of internal controls
Handle and resolve enquiries, complaints and problems and ensure high standards of client service are provided.
Maintain good working relationships with the various Bluesky cost center departments, financial institutions and key stakeholders.
Assist in maintaining relevant sections of the Accounting Manual, company policy and guidelines.
Maintain relevant databases, registers, accounting records and files.
Assist with the development and presentation of training for departmental staff responsible for balance sheet accounting and reconciliation.
Assist in the development of the accounting systems and procedures for Bluesky; in particular assist with the timely reconciliation of the various Bluesky balance sheet accounts.
Perform professional level tasks that require independent judgment and initiative in support of the accounting function.
Perform additional responsibilities requested by Controller


Position Qualifications/Requirements

Bachelors Degree in Accounting and/or related field
Strong computer skills; intermediate/advanced Microsoft Excel skills preferred
Four to seven years experience in accounting and/or an equivalent combination of training and experience in operating computerized accounting systems, budgetary and accounting procedures
Knowledge of […]

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